Thursday, September 22, 2011

Effective use of Technology

Traditionally, business reputation is built on integrity, trust and service, but now also on technology! The last few years have seen rapid advancements in Information Technology. Today’s technology helps companies become more efficient, reduce costs and increase profit margins. Companies wanting to sustain competitive advantage in their markets necessarily need to embrace technology for effectively running their business operations.

Since the initial release in 1999, AccuWare has continuously evolved to embrace technological advancements. Today, as a robust and mature ERP solution, AccuWare successfully helps companies reap the benefits of Today’s Technology, enabling companies to focus on business strategies and achieving business goals and thus acquire, retain & nurture customers for a lifetime of profits.

AccuWare ERP solutions provide native and truly bilingual support for Arabic and English user Interfaces.

Localization/Arabic Support

Localization/Arabic Support

AccuWare primarily targets businesses in the GCC, Arab and Middle-east region. It is designed to be a truly bilingual ERP solution with native support for English and Arabic Interfaces. The bi-lingual English and Arabic interface is critical due to the significant presence of Non-Arabic users in the workplace. AccuWare enables users to work with the ERP system either from English or Arabic interfaces. AccuWare ERP solutions fully support Gregorian and Hijra (Hijri) Calendar for business accounting.