Saturday, September 24, 2011

Compare AccuWare Editions

AccuWare is offered in different editions to deliver business value and fit specific needs of a wide spectrum of industries as well as to meet the variation in budgetary demands of large as well as small organizations. Whether you have hundreds of users in multiple locations or just a few in one location, one of the AccuWare Editions will favorably fit your needs and budget.
    For Large Businesses
    • AccuWareERP
    For Mid-sized Businesses
    • AccuWareMax Professional Edition
    • AccuWareMax Standard Edition
    • AccuWareMax Compact Edition
    For Small Businesses
    • AccuWareExpress Premium Edition
    • AccuWareExpress Lite Edition

The best edition for your business depends on several factors such as the type/size of your business, the features, functionality and services you need. Contact our sales team to know which product is best-suited for your requirements.

Special Editions:
We also offer customized solutions for organizations that demand special requirements, example non-profit organizations.