Friday, September 23, 2011

Right-sized Solutions

Our expertise in delivering right sized solutions for diverse businesses stems from our team of analysts, consultants, and engineers who collectively represent decades of business/technology experience and our investment of several years in research & development for products, technology and innovations.

Multiple Editions
AccuWare is offered in different editions to deliver business value and fit the specific needs of a wide spectrum of industries as well as to meet the variation in budgetary demands of large as well as small organizations. Whether you have hundreds of users in multiple locations or just a few in one location, one of the AccuWare Editions will favorably fit your needs and budget.

Our ERP solution
  • AccuWareERP  

Business Accounting Solution:
  • AccuWareMax Professional
  • AccuWareMax Standard
  • AccuWareMax Compact

Small Business Accounting/Inventory Solution:
  • AccuWareExpress Premium 
  • AccuWareExpress Lite
 More details are available on our website: